Glass Lantern with beads 8" x 8"

Glass Lantern with beads 8" x 8"

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Introducing our charming Glass Lantern with Wood Beads, a delightful blend of rustic, nautical and elegant aesthetics. Crafted with a sleek glass frame, this lantern exudes a modern appeal, while the natural wood beads add a touch of organic warmth. The beads are intricately woven around the lantern, creating a beautiful pattern that casts mesmerizing shadows when illuminated from within.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this lantern stands tall at [insert height] inches and features a sturdy handle for easy hanging or carrying. Whether placed on a tabletop or suspended from a hook, it effortlessly enhances any space with its unique blend of textures and materials. Illuminate your home with style and sophistication with our Glass Lantern with Wood Beads. Measures 8" x 8" (not including handle). ** Candle is NOT included**

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