Frosted Eucalyptus w/berry Spray 15"

Frosted Eucalyptus w/berry Spray 15"

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Add a touch of winter elegance to your holiday décor with our Frosted Winter Eucalyptus with Berry Spray. Standing at 15" tall, this beautiful spray combines the timeless beauty of eucalyptus leaves with the festive charm of red berries, all adorned with a delicate frosted finish.

The realistic eucalyptus leaves are expertly crafted to capture the natural look and feel of fresh greenery, while the frosted coating adds a wintry sparkle, perfect for the holiday season. The bright red berries provide a pop of color, enhancing the overall visual appeal and bringing a festive touch to your arrangements.

Versatile and easy to incorporate into various décor styles, this 15" spray is ideal for adding to wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, or simply displaying on its own in a vase. Its sturdy stem ensures it stays in place, allowing you to create stunning arrangements with ease.

Whether you're decorating for Christmas, a winter wedding, or simply bringing a touch of seasonal beauty into your home, our Frosted Winter Eucalyptus with Berry Spray is a delightful and elegant choice. Embrace the beauty of winter and elevate your décor with this charming and versatile piece.

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