Egg Leaf & Flower Spray 16"
Egg Leaf & Flower Spray 16"

Egg Leaf & Flower Spray 16"

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Introducing our enchanting Egg, Leaf, and Flower Spray, a captivating addition to your floral arrangements or decorative displays. Measuring 16 inches in height, these stunning sprays feature delicate eggs, intricately crafted leaves, and charming flowers, bringing a touch of natural elegance to any space.

Available in two delightful color combinations – lavender and cream or green and cream – these sprays offer versatility to suit a variety of décor themes and color schemes. Whether you're creating a spring-inspired centerpiece, embellishing a wreath, or adorning a mantel, these sprays add a whimsical and refined accent to your arrangements.

Each detail of these sprays is meticulously designed to evoke the beauty of nature, from the lifelike texture of the eggs to the intricate veins of the leaves and the soft petals of the flowers. The combination of colors and textures creates a visually captivating display that is sure to capture the admiration of all who behold it.

Crafted with quality materials, these sprays are durable and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy their beauty season after season. Whether displayed on their own or incorporated into larger arrangements, they bring a touch of charm and sophistication to any space.

Enhance your décor with the timeless beauty of our Egg, Leaf, and Flower Spray – a delightful expression of nature's grace and elegance.

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